Young Couples Group

The Couples and Young Adults Group

The Couples and Young Adults Group would like to express our heartfelt congratulations and deepest affections to Reverend Father A.K. Cherian and to all the members of the St. Mary’s Orthodox Church Bronx, New York on the occasion of the parish’s 40th anniversary.  We are so blessed to be a part of a parish with a deep history of tradition, charity, love and faithfulness.  Since its inception in 1972, St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Bronx, has provided a platform for spiritual, cultural, and personal growth for all of its members.

In 2010, with the visionary support of Rev. Fr. A.K. Cherian, a small group of members established the Couples and Young Adults Group.  They saw the need to bridge the gap between the MGOCSM and the traditional church leadership groups.  This group was established to strengthen the social and spiritual connections between members from age 21 and beyond.  Its creation was based on the premise that a cohesive community of energetic young adults can affect positive change and work together toward the growth of the parish.

Under the spiritual guidance of Rev. Fr. Paul A. Cherian and Rev. Dn. Philip Mathew the group continues to provide support for young couples, new parents, and young professionals.  Two early discussion topics included ways to structure family prayer for young children and learning devotional songs.  Paul Achen and Philip Semassen have led instructional meetings on the Church’s liturgical calendar.  Lenten retreats have also been tailored to meet the spiritual needs of the young adults of our church.   In January of 2011, the group hosted a winter brunch entitled “Reconnect, Renew, and Rebuild our future.”   The brunch was well attended and helped the newly established group gain momentum.  In June of 2011, the group sponsored a one day conference entitled “Taking up the Cross for Christ.”  The main speaker of the conference was His Grace Dr. Youhanon Mar Demetrios, Assistant Metropolitan of Delhi Diocese.  Approximately one hundred people ranging from young children to Golden Club members were in attendance.  MGOCSM members provided activities for young children for a portion of the program.  The presentations were captivating, thought provoking, and meaningful to every age group.

The members of the Couples and Young Adults Group are actively involved in various leadership roles within the church. Though the organization is relatively new, its members are committed to the growth of the church.  We are blessed to have the support of Rev. Fr. A.K. Cherian and Rev. Fr. Paul A. Cherian as they guide us on our collective spiritual walk.  We look forward to many more events in the future that will strengthen us as a family in Christ.

Mrs. Aimee M. Thomson