Prayer Group

Our prayer meetings allow people to find a new dimension to their spiritual lives and to discover the love of God in a more profound way. Our goal is to build up the Body of Christ through faith-sharing experiences and prayer. Our monthly prayer meeting takes place in one of the Church member’s homes (in each of the five areas – see below) where joy and the love of God is emphasized, and praise, worship, and honor of God is shared with others who share the same faith. God is praised with enthusiasm. God is praised in song and prayer for His majesty, His love and His faithfulness, and He is thanked for His grace in our lives. Our prayer meetings also include Orthodox Evening Prayer.

Our church is grouped into five different areas, since we have members from every borough, as well as Westchester County and Upstate NY. Every month, each area has a prayer meeting for all the members within that area. Prayer meetings are held regularly in each of the five areas under the guidance of our Vicar, Rev. Fr. A.K. Cherian. Also, Christmas Caroling has been arranged by area prayer groups.

The coordinators of the Prayer Group are:

Bronx/Yonkers New

Jersey/Staten Island

Queens/Long Island

Rockland Westchester






Mr. Jacob Malathu

Mr. M.K. Thomas

Mr. V.K. Rajan

Mr. T.V. Mathews

Mr. M.C. Mathai